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Industry focus: The advantage of the IntelliShop eCommerce Platform

In B2B, challenges differ from sector to sector. The advantage of IntelliShop eCommerce Platform 7 is that it provides a digital platform in an off-the-shelf version that includes a long list of features, flexible interfaces, and uncompromising stability, while allowing for even the most complex of commercial infrastructures to be digitally mapped. With their modular designs and pre-configured industry editions, IntelliShop products provide tailor-made “blueprints”, tried and tested over the course of a number of projects, allowing you to integrate all your sales channels into one comprehensive e-commerce strategy.


Standard-Software? Individual-Software?
IntelliShop eCommerce Platform!

The search for an e-commerce solution often involves consulting a whole range of software providers, agencies, and consultants, all making similar promises. However, no fixed, off-the-shelf solution could adequately digitize the many different industries and commercial infrastructures to be found in mid-sized enterprises.

A custom software solution, on the other hand, is often either cost-ineffective or will quickly become obsolete, given the extremely dynamic market in the e-commerce arena. The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform combines the benefits of a customized system adapted to your personal requirements with the cost effectiveness of off-the-shelf software, allowing you to benefit from ongoing product development while maintaining absolute flexibility.

Our team of experienced project consultants will work with you to develop a plan tailored to your business: from the analysis of your existing commercial, sales, and distribution infrastructures right through to the cross-channel streamlining of your offer and order processes – all implemented in a timely and surprisingly cost-effective manner as part of a single overarching project, thanks to an e-commerce solution that easily integrates into your existing IT ecosystem.


IntelliShop industry editions


The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform has been successfully adopted by high-end, mid-sized enterprises and large corporations across a wide range of industries since 2004. Right from the outset, we have been especially careful to map and reflect typical B2B processes. Both our standard and premium modules now provide solutions to all the intrinsic requirements of digitizing quotation and sales processes across industries.

With our industry-specific editions for the medical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical and structural engineering sectors, and for the industrial B2B market, we have taken our solution to the next level. The mapping of fundamental, industry-specific features, functions, processes, and interfaces by means of configurable modules generates significant cost and quality benefits for you, while ensuring long-term planning ability. In other words: we are familiar with your industry and its challenges. Your processes don’t have to follow the form of a specific software solution, nor will you need to pay for expensive custom developments since the IntelliShop eCommerce Platform roadmap has been systematically designed to follow the needs of our vertical markets!