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Online customers from the mechanical and structural engineering sectors have also come to expect “added value.” These manufacturers’ target audiences consist primarily of design engineers and large corporations, which is why e-procurement has become a standard requirement for them. Their product information routinely includes multi-level bills of material (BOMs), since individual machinery parts are themselves made up of separate components. CAD-based 3D visual representation is a valuable in-store feature. Both the product and account data present very specific features and fields. Optimizing data quality is an important project objective.



  • Large corporations, in particular, have come to expect e-procurement

  • Product information often includes multi-level bills of material (BOMs), since each machine is made up of parts which are themselves made up of components

  • 3D visual representations (CADs) are becoming an increasingly important factor in product information

  • Specific features & fields are common, e.g. model range information

  • Customers tend to think – and search – in terms of application scenarios, e.g. “the new welding workstation”

  • Data normalization and maintenance tend to be complex, due to inconsistencies in data quality

  • International standardization and classification compliant with eClass, UNSPC, or ETIM

  • Account management with advanced fields, e.g. for production facilities

  • Device management as the basis for customer service; sales of spare parts and consumables


“Looking to the future, it was important for us to be able to set up the various local stores to reflect the particular characteristics of the markets in which they operate. It quickly became apparent that the IntelliShop store solution was able to meet our requirements.”

Gerald Görke,



  • Service-oriented e-commerce strategy with added value for the customer

  • Virtual digital product assistant for specific application scenarios

  • Dynamic exploded views so you can easily identify components or spare parts with a single click

  • Multi-level BOM support

  • Service portals in combination with device management

  • “Service” products, e.g. warranty agreements

  • Mobile solutions for service technicians and contractors/tradespeople

  • Large corporations, in particular, have come to expect e-procurement


Our edition tailored to the mechanical and structural engineering sectors

Intellishop Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Edition

Manufacturers in the mechanical engineering sector can now benefit from pre-defined processes for their industry, thanks to the Mechanical Engineering Edition.