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B2B commerce in the medical engineering sectors

IntelliShop Medical Engineering

Manufacturers in the sectors of medical engineering, biotechnology, and life sciences service universities, laboratories, and public institutions such as hospitals. When we digitize B2B commerce projects for this sector, we focus on workflows, processes, and applications, typically including processes such as eInvoice, EDI, and PunchOut. Standardization and international standards for devices (EURAMED, UDI) have to be taken into account, and classifications must be compliant with eClass and UDI standards. Products are presented with the aid of numerous images and videos, as well as mandatory certification information. Service portals are important factors in this e-commerce strategy.



  • Identifying target audiences: universities, laboratories, and other public institutions

  • In-store e-procurement features and PunchOut integration for major clients

  • The demand for high standards of quality management and quality assurance

  • The need to think in terms of quality assurance workflows, processes, and applications

  • Product information with certificates, references, and specialized items

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  • Product information with long, descriptive texts (legal documentation, disclaimers) and as many as 30 text fields

  • Multimedia content (product demo films, training videos, and high-resolution images)

  • Complex account & device management with specialized field data

  • Standardization of devices in compliance with EURAMED and UDI

  • Connection to dedicated databases and fulfillment of reporting requirements

  • Service elements & service portals integrated into the e-commerce strategy

Thomas Berger

“We wanted a partner who was comfortable with a mature system landscape, able to prove that they could tie up any loose ends in our systems, and who was still flexible enough to fulfill all our highly specific requirements, including global regulations. IntelliShop ticked all the right boxes.”

Thomas Berger,
Miltenyi Biotec



  • A product model specially designed for medical engineering applications

  • License-related product display (regulatory status)

  • Visual representation of quality standards (certificates)

  • Special product presentations, e.g. lab visualizations

  • Support for eClass, UNSPC, and UDI product classification and process standards

  • Process solutions for electronic invoices, EDI, and PunchOut

  • Review order requirements, e.g. certifications compliant with the German Medical Devices Act (“Medizinproduktegesetz”)

  • Service portals, e.g. for device management, maintenance & calibration, and for second-hand devices

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Our software edition tailored to the
medical engineering sectors

Intellishop Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering Edition

The Medical Engineering Edition is an all-in-one, B2B commerce package for manufacturers in the life sciences sector.