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IntelliShop AG, previously known as EuroSolutions, is a German software manufacturer that has been developing an enterprise platform for international e-commerce solutions since 2004. IntelliShop has always focused on technological manufacturers from B2B markets such as medical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction engineering. Our typical customers are high-end, mid-sized enterprises, or form part of a large corporation.

To us at IntelliShop, e-commerce means next-generation customer interaction. Which is why – by contrast with the host of stand-alone and custom solutions that have become commonplace – we develop comprehensive, standardized e-commerce solutions for B2B markets. The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform’s modular architecture and innovative process management allow online stores to be fully aligned with tried-and-tested business processes. Thanks to the integration of middleware, our architecture can be quickly and easily integrated into a company’s existing IT infrastructure.


AbNext-generation customer interaction

Here at IntelliShop, our motto is “Don’t replace – integrate.” We support existing sales channels and optimize existing processes. The IntelliShop eCommerce Platform not only allows you to implement genuinely multichannel offerings, especially in the area of B2B commerce, but also to integrate single and multi-tier retail distribution systems and field sales into one single, future-proof e-commerce strategy.

Our Shareholders provide IntelliShop with a sound, long-term business base in a fast-paced market, making IntelliShop a solid yet flexible partner.

Our B2B customers include Eppendorf, Jordan, Wieland Electric, EWM, Miltenyi Biotec, Starlab, Amphenol, Kaut-Bullinger, and Nordwest Handel. In the B2C sector, T-Mobile, telering, eismann, and the Austrian Postal Service also rely on IntelliShop. The company’s headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany.