IntelliShop Software

Professional services. We’re here to support your B2B e-commerce project every step of the way.

After your live launch, you can decide how much in-depth support you need from us at IntelliShop. Our team of experts here at IntelliShop and our partners’ skilled and knowledgeable consultants provide a range of professional services. Many of our customers have found our services to be an essential factor in their success. After all, our customers have to tackle a whole host of challenges, both within and outside their own companies, as they establish and scale their digitization projects. We provide a wide variety of services to support you during this process.


Professional services offered by IntelliShop and our partners.

  • Strategic consulting

  • Conceptual design & solutions architecture

  • Design consulting

  • Project implementation

  • Custom extensions

  • Technical concepts & hosting architecture

  • Integration & connectivity

  • Internationalization

  • Usability optimizations

  • Consultation on the management of your master data

  • Marketing & commercialization

  • Results analysis & success evaluation

In addition, we provide help with project management, quality assurance, and replication management.