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Do you already have written specifications for your planned e-commerce project? Are you looking for service providers and solutions? We will take only a few days to prepare a detailed solutions proposal, including a cost estimate specially for you, based on our IntelliShop 7 eCommerce Platform. All you need to do is complete the online form and send us your specifications in PDF format. The preparation of the solutions proposal and cost estimate is free of charge and without obligation. This offer is subject to change without notice, pending IntelliShop’s verification of the information you provide, and is only available to companies planning to set up their own e-commerce projects. Agencies and service providers can contact us at:


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Once you have submitted the form, we will check your specifications as quickly as possible. We’ll be in touch if anything requires confirmation, or if we have any other questions regarding your project. You will receive an email with a detailed solutions proposal based on our IntelliShop 7 eCommerce Platform, as well as a transparent cost estimate within several days. We will provide both the proposal and cost estimate in PDF format.