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IntelliShop Commerce Management

IntelliShop Commerce Management is a powerful solution for managing your commerce activities.

IntelliShop - Commerce Shopcockpit

Use the integrated multi-client architecture to manage your entire digital commerce strategy, while exploring international markets and coordinating your activities across channels.

IntelliShop - Commerce Plattform

Create your own platform

Let IntelliShop software help you discover the possibilities of B2B commerce for your own organization.

Pool all your customer interactions via a centralized platform and break into new markets and sales concepts in a flexible way.

IntelliShop - Commerce Multitenant

Multi-client architecture

Our multi-client architecture allows you to manage both sophisticated B2B scenarios and B2C stores from one central location.

Integrate commercial infrastructures into your B2B commerce strategy, using reseller stores and marketplace concepts.

IntelliShop - Commerce Multishopwizard

International rollout

IntelliShop software is particularly useful in international scenarios.

Turnkey solutions for international payments, fulfilment, tax calculation, and market-specific sales techniques allow for fast and easy global rollouts.


Interconnect your sales channels

Connect your existing sales organization to the digital world and, in the process, unleash your full sales and marketing power!

Integrate your sales staff, resellers, and brick-and-mortar stores for a holistic approach to customers.