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IntelliShop Customermanagement

IntelliShop Customer Management

The integrated account management functionality allows you to offer customers a high level of self-service capabilities.

IntelliShop - Customer Accounts

Create an extensive structure for your digital account management, managed devices and machinery, and sales reps - with IntelliShop Customer Management.

IntelliShop - Customer Account

Account management

IntelliShop Account Management lets you easily map sophisticated organizational structures.

Its outstanding flexibility permits you an even better overview of your customer configurations and allows you to provide customers with self-service options.

IntelliShop - Customer Devicemanagement

Device management

IntelliShop Device Management allows you to offer customers a self-service tool for registering and managing machines and devices online.

This option allows you to give customers direct access to status information and lets you establish intelligent after-sales and service processes.

IntelliShop - Customer Tabletcommerce

Integrate your sales reps

Integrate your in-house sales and your field reps directly into your commerce strategy.

Tablet Commerce is a tablet-optimized app which will allow you to also easily enter order data using CRM features and to integrate your entire product catalog.

IntelliShop - Customer

Optimized for your in-house sales team

The IntelliShop Customer Care Tool provides you with an optimized user interface for highly efficient customer service.

Your customer service team will be able to generate orders, offers, and returns directly, and respond rapidly to customer support inquiries.