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IntelliShop Integration Management

The IntelliShop Integration Management feature permits seamless integration with your existing IT ecosystem.

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The integrated middleware solution, together with a wide range of standard interfaces which are always included, ensures a quick and intelligent connection to your existing backend systems.

IntelliShop - Integration ERP SAP Detail

Integrated middleware

IntelliShop will provide you with an integrated middleware solution that lets you work with any existing interface.

Our middleware uses a flexible configuration of business objects to allow you to connect to and reuse business logic you already employ.

IntelliShop - Integration ERP Dynamicsax

Best-practice system integration

There are various standard interfaces built onto the integrated middleware: our Connectors.

There is a Connector for each important segment of any typical B2B commerce project, providing a quick solution based on pre-designed interfaces.

IntelliShop - Integration Apis

A multitude of standard interfaces

IntelliShop offers a multitude of standard interfaces, built on the various Connectors, allowing you to set up a configurable, ready-to-use connection with any third-party system.

Connectivity Packs allow even highly complex business integrations, such as connecting your ERP system to SAP or Microsoft, to be carried out in a standardized fashion.

IntelliShop - Integration OCI

Integration into client systems

In addition to connecting with existing backend systems, it’s becoming increasingly important to integrate into client systems. This has become a strategic factor in B2B success.

IntelliShop’s PunchOut Connector, OCI Converter, openTrans, and EDI Connectors offer ideal solutions for integrating into procurement systems.