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Intellishop Ordermanagement

IntelliShop Order Management

A powerful automated solution for processing orders, to increase customer satisfaction.

IntelliShop - Order Overview

IntelliShop Order Management provides maximum transparency and allows for a bird’s eye view of your entire process chain: orders, fulfilment, and returns.

IntelliShop - Order Detail

Integrated order management

IntelliShop’s order management feature allows orders to be processed comprehensively across all systems, regardless of sales channel.

You have flexible control of the entire ordering process, thanks to IntelliShop’s process support functionality.

IntelliShop - Order Quote

Offers and RFQ processes

Requests for quotation and negotiation processes typical of the B2B arena can be triggered from right inside the shopping cart.

This allows customers to get in touch with you and enter into negotiations directly, even during sales reps’ on-site visits.

IntelliShop - Order Eprocurement

E-procurement for purchasing processes

IntelliShop’s e-procurement features let customers manage their procurement processes in a hierarchical manner, from within their customer accounts.

This will leave your purchasing manager free to configure whatever s/he wishes: budgets, cost centers, product range restrictions, etc.

IntelliShop - Order Returns

Returns and logistics

For maximum customer satisfaction, digitize complicated returns forms, and make smooth returns and cancellation processes available to your customers.

Integrate your logistics service providers, and ensure the transparent status of all full and partial deliveries through proactive notifications.