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IntelliShop Product Management

Our integrated product management tool allows for the easy, seamless integration of existing product information.

IntelliShop - Product Detail

Use the integrated product catalog features to create an extraordinary customer experience and to streamline product communication across all channels.

IntelliShop - Product Merkmale

Integrated product information management

IntelliShop will provide you with an integrated product information management tool and a powerful piece of software for your digital product catalog.

Connect product information from your PIM systems with inventory levels and prices from your ERP system.

IntelliShop - Product Datenmodell

Open product information model

The product information model is designed to flexibly adapt to your requirements.

This allows you to sell highly complex product variations, as well as spare parts and business services, via a single platform.

IntelliShop - Product Suche

Efficient product search

Use IntelliShop’s efficient product search feature to browse product catalogs faster.

The search function has been specifically designed for B2B commerce projects and is optimized for very large amounts of data and customer-specific pricing needs.

IntelliShop - Product Standards


Successful B2B commerce is particularly characterized by its ease of integration into client systems.

IntelliShop’s pre-designed product master data standards, such as eCl@ss, ETIM, and UNSPSC, allow you to lay the foundation for high levels of adaptation and acceptance.