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Intellishop Systemmanagement

IntelliShop System Management

Manage your B2B commerce platform on a safe, secure, and scalable technological foundation.

IntelliShop - System Dashboard

Ensure smooth operation of your services, identify technological issues early, and benefit from IntelliShop’s intuitive and user-friendly user interface at the same time.

IntelliShop - System Acunetix Security Report

Stay safe

IntelliShop allows you to ensure the smooth, safe, and secure operation of your B2B commerce platform worldwide.

We ask independent security experts to check our software on a regular basis. This protects us, among other things, from OWASP rule sets.

IntelliShop - System Audit

Achieve technological transparency

The IntelliShop platform features a whole host of cockpits in the application management area, to help you identify technical issues early on.

Integrated user interfaces for auditing purposes ensure the transparency of each individual user’s actions at all times.

IntelliShop - System Roles

Easy configuration

Expert settings allow administrators to carry out a range of different configurations themselves, without the need for any programming.

Additional settings, such as users, roles, or permissions, can be easily changed at any time.

IntelliShop - System Email

Advanced user navigation

The IntelliShop software stands out because of its modern user interface which allows quick navigation to the desired features and data.

UX patterns, such as drag and drop or fast toggling between functions, play an important role.