IntelliShop Software

IntelliShop Release History


Release 7.9


The IntelliShop Device Management module allows you to enable store customers to easily register and manage their devices and machinery.

The intelligent registration process quickly guides customers through every field required to unambiguously identify their device.

There is also an optional smartphone app for registering the device via QR code.

The underlying data model and the forms can be quickly and easily adapted to the specific requirements of your industry and product portfolio, using the Form Builder option.

Device registration sets the stage for the intelligent digitization of your customers’ procurement processes.

In addition, we have completely redesigned both tax calculation and international payment options using the Worldpay Connectivity Pack.


Release 7.8


The IntelliShop B2B Sales Assistant provides you with the option of adding smart and interactive advice to the existing search methods typically embedded on websites: free text search, category browse, and faceted search.

This type of guided selling is a combination of product search and product advice which is designed to reflect the entire purchasing decision process: from initial consultation and requirement analysis, via product information and the triggering of previously unknown interests, through to (gently) ‘forcing’ the customer into a purchasing decision.

The new premium module on the IntelliShop B2B commerce platform is designed to actively guide a potential buyer toward a purchase.

In addition to the Sales Assistant, a number of other technological advances have been implemented to allow your team to put your B2B commerce projects into practice even faster than before.


Release 7.7


IntelliShop’s “Store Rules” module offers e-store operators a solution for creating and managing complex rule systems for their stores, allowing them to map even the most multi-faceted of e-commerce processes.

This allows e-store operators to set up their own individual processes using the standard installation alone, i.e. without any additional project costs.

Since rule groups are separated into events, rules, and actions (and multiple possible combinations of these), e-store operators are guaranteed maximum flexibility in mapping their own individual e-commerce processes.

One important area of application for store rules is the mapping of individual approval and authorization constructs.

For example, in only a few clicks, e-store operators can decide that only a specified customer group is permitted to view a predefined area within the store.


Release 7.6


By creating individual marketing rules, including highly complex ones, B2B resellers are able to manage and control sales-promoting activities in a very flexible and intuitive manner.

Conditions and existing activities can be combined as needed, thus creating maximum scope for the implementation of marketing strategies.

IntelliShop also supports B2B e-store operators’ specific requirements with regard to search functionalities.

The B2B search results generated by the IntelliShop epoq Search Connectivity Pack, developed in cooperation with search expert epoq, take customer-specific product ranges and prices into account, without compromising on performance.

And, of course, this module – like all the others – has been conceived in line with IntelliShop’s consistent multistore philosophy.


Release 7.5


Release 7.5’s new “IntelliShop Returns Management” and “IntelliShop Lead Portal” modules allow users of the IntelliShop B2B commerce platform to integrate authorized resellers into their own e-commerce strategies, regardless of channel, and organize their returns processes in an efficient, service-oriented manner.

Both modules result from the experience and expertise gained over the course of a wide range of successful B2B client projects.

The IntelliShop Lead Portal uses indirect sales and distribution structures to help select and assign consultant resellers and respond to RFQs in partner-supported projects.

By assigning the lead to the retail partner in charge, and by offering the option of lead pooling (if territorial protection has been waived) to allow authorized resellers to access thematically and regionally appropriate leads, we are able to support even the most complex of commercial, sales, and distribution processes.


Release 7.4


The most recent version of the IntelliShop eCommerce Platform, complete with Release 7.4 and B2B Edition, is your perfect partner in future-proof digitization concepts, ideal for the complex but tried-and-tested commercial infrastructure used by industry and mid-sized enterprises.

In addition to the integrated sales portal and the “Tablet Commerce” sales rep module, the convenient MultiShop Wizard and new PIM Connector, in particular, ensure flexibility and efficiency – even for international e-commerce projects.

The B2B Edition manages sales staff and their relationships with customers or customer groups.

The integrated sales portal provides a convenient offer/quotation management system that includes customer details and KPIs.

The eProcurement module defines the roles of purchasing managers and purchasing reps and presents an order workflow which includes approval processes.


Release 7.3


IntelliShop has specialized in digitally mapping complex commercial, sales, and distribution structures.

As a result, our software integrates seamlessly into our customers’ existing IT infrastructures.

The new ERP Connector, introduced in Release 7.3, provides a standardized SAP Connectivity Pack. The new CMS Connector features the convenient Typo3 Connectivity Pack.

The ERP Connector provides a standard interface for connecting ERP systems to the IntelliShop eCommerce Platform.

The ERP system can now be selected and connected by means of an appropriate Connectivity Pack (e.g. SAP) using the configuration interface in the IntelliShop admin area.

The SAP Connector, for example, supports the most commonly used BAPIs as well as SOAP, SAP, RFC, and IDOCS transport protocols.