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The IntelliShop software architecture: flexibility by design!


The IntelliShop B2B commerce platform is adapted to your specific project requirements by means of open software architecture.

The architecture is based on a multi-tier model which allows the multiple layers to be extended and scaled exactly as needed.

We live and breathe the principle of “flexibility by design” and are prepared for changes right from the get-go.

The architecture of our IntelliShop B2B commerce platform is the foundation of our flexibility.

An application framework optimized for B2B commerce forms the basis of our software and provides a modular architecture, a plugin system, and a service architecture.

We offer a wealth of modules specially designed for this application framework. All our modules provide the centralized features and functions of a B2B commerce platform, such as customer management and order management.

Our project-specific modules for customers are built on this application framework. Project-specific modules expand on the standard modules by incorporating project requirements. They are designed to use the standard components’ available plugin and service interfaces unchanged. This ensures that each IntelliShop project is update-capable.


Multi-client architecture

IntelliShop - Architektur Mandanten

Traditional software solutions (e.g. ERP systems) have familiarized us with multi-client capability, i.e. the option of separating data by client.

In the web environment, this has evolved into multi-site architecture, which allows for any number of websites within the same installation.

Our multi-client architecture builds on these successful concepts of multi-client capability and the multi-site principle, adding important concepts and principles from the world of B2B commerce.

A successful multi-client scenario not only separates the data, but also correlates that data using what is known as inheritance logic.

Inheritance logic ensures that product information that has been added or updated can be made available to a client. The inheritance logic not only handles the fact that data is to be made available, but also which specific data fields.

The propagation of product images, attributes, and texts can be customized for each individual client, as can the handling of pricing and availability, which is data that may need to be contributed by regional offices.


Find out more about our multi-client scenarios

IntelliShop - Cover Whitepaper Multishop

This white paper details why a multi-client architecture can provide solutions to many of your potential problems, ensuring the success of your B2B strategy. It also describes how your organization can capitalize on these benefits and opportunities:

• You will reach more customers

• You can reduce your costs

• You will improve your “time-to-market” performance

• You will improve customer loyalty

• You’ll be able to roll out internationally

• You’ll ensure that you stay flexible and increase your agility

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